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There Are Many Types Of Migraine. In This Post, We Will Tell You The Types Of Migraine That Are Important. You Will Get The Necessary Information Regarding These Important Types Of Migraine In This Post. Migraine Research Is Ongoing And New Information About Migraine Is Coming Out Every Day. Therefore, The Information Provided Is Not Necessarily Final. We Have Summarized The Information Till Date In This Post.

Migraine Without Aura

Some People Get Migraines Before Or After Seeing Bright Lights. But There Are Some People Who Do Not See Any Kind Of Light Before The Onset Of Migraine. Therefore, Patients Who Do Not Have Visual Disturbances Due To Severe Pain In Any One Part Of The Head And If They Do Not See Non-Existent Lights, It Can Be Migraine Without Aura Read More

Migraine With Aura

If You Are Seeing Lights That Don’t Really Exist And During This Time, If Severe Pain Starts In Any Part Of Your Head, Then This Type Of Pain Is Called Migraine Aura. Migraine Aura Is Believed To Be A Visual Disturbance. While This Is Not A Visual Disturbance, But Due To Inflammation In The Nerves Of Our Brain, Our Eyes See Such Lights That Are Not In Reality. Read More

Chronic Migraine

People Who Get Migraines Permanently, We Call It Chronic Migraines. In Chronic Migraine, The Patient Has Repeated Pain Attacks For 15 Days In A Month. Read More

Abdominal Migraine

A Headache Caused Due To An Abnormality In The Stomach Is Called Abdominal Migraine This Pain Usually Occurs In Children And Can Be Caused By Genetic Or Environmental Factors. Apart From This, Mental Stress, Lack Of Sleep And Excessive Consumption Of Food Can Cause This Pain. Read More

Silent Migraine

Silent Migraine It Is A Pain In Which The Patient Has A Headache, But There Is No Obvious Symptom. But Sometimes The Symptoms Of Migraine Appear On The Patient But The Patient Does Not Have Pain.
Read More

Ocular Migraine

Ocular Migraine Is A Visual Disturbance Due To Which The Vision In One Eye Of The Patient Is Temporarily Lost. It Is Not Necessary That The Patient Has A Headache In This Type Of Migraine. Read More

Episodic Migraine

Episodic Migraine Is A Type Of Migraine In Which The Patient Repeatedly Experiences Severe Pain In One Part Of The Head. This Pain Lasts From 2 Hours To 2 Days . Read More

Basilar Migraine

In This Type Of Migraine, The Patient Has Difficulty In Speaking And The Patient Cannot Maintain His Balance. Read More

Intractable Migraine

This is a type of migraine in which the patient experiences excessive pain and this pain lasts for at least 72 hours . Intractable Migraine is also called Status Migrainosis and Refractory Migraine . Read More

Stress Migraine

If A Patient Has Severe Pain In One Part Of The Head Due To Tension In The Nerves Of The Brain, Then It Is Migraine. Read More

Cluster Migraine Pain

It Is A Type Of Migraine In Which The Patient Feels Pain In One Part Of The Head Repeatedly In A Day. Read More

Vestibular Migraine

In Vestibular Migraine, The Person Is Unable To Balance His Body. Therefore, In Vestibular Migraine, The Patient Often Stumbles And Falls. Read More

Hemiplegic Migraine

Hemiplegic Migraine Is A Type Of Migraine In Which Half Of The Patient’s Body Is Temporarily Paralyzed. Read More

Menstrual Migraines

Often Women Get Migraines During Menstruation, Which Is Called Menstrual Migraine . Read More

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