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Migraine With Aura ?
There are two main groups of migraines.
Which we call respectively migraine Aura and migraine without aura. All other types of migraine belong to these two groups That is, some types of migraine have symptoms of aura and some types do not have symptoms of aura. Before understanding the types of migraine, it is important to understand migraine with aura and migraine without aura.
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Migraine Without Aura
Our topic is to describe migraine with aura. So in this post we will share with you some important things about the reality, types and proper treatment of Migraine with Aura.
Aura is called the glow. So if a person sees flashing lights, blind spots, or zigzag lines before or during a headache that aren’t actually there. So we call it visual disturbance. So if someone has visual disturbances before the headache starts or during the headache, we call this condition migraine aura. In migraine aura, the patient may experience sensory disturbances, tingling in the arm or leg, and severe weakness. Migraine aura is a group name that includes all types of migraine that have aura symptoms.
Now a question arises that what are the symptoms of aura?
Symptoms of aura include sensory and visual disturbances, tingling in an arm or leg, and severe weakness. Apart from this, the patient feels vomiting and dizziness and the patient is disturbed by bright lights, sounds and smells. Therefore, the types of migraine that have the described symptoms are categorized as migraine aura. So that the right conclusion can be easily drawn from the observations. In this post, we will try to share with you the necessary information regarding the reality, symptoms, types and correct treatment of migraine aura.

Symptoms Of Migraine Aura?

Migraine aura symptoms are similar to those of a normal migraine, but the additional symptom is seeing lights or colors that aren’t there.
Common symptoms of migraine aura are as follows.
The patient feels pressure in the head or neck.
During or before pain, the patient has nausea.
The patient suffers from mental anxiety.
Sometimes the patient cannot taste, smell or smell anything.
And apart from this, the patient starts feeling very tired.
The patient may become drowsy.
Apart from this, the patient’s memory often becomes weak during pain.
Remember that the described symptoms of migraine aura are not definitive.
Apart from this, symptoms may also appear on the patient.
So if you suspect that you are suffering from migraine, you should contact a doctor so that you can avoid serious damage.

Causes Of Migraine Aura?

Nerves come out of the human eye and are connected to the nerves of the brain it is because of this sense that we can see and understand something.
Therefore, if there is a problem in the part of the brain that is related to vision, then we have a problem in seeing or understanding.
This is a neurological disorder.
Therefore, if there is a problem in the part of the brain that controls vision, it can start migraine aura.
Apart from this, lack of sleep, depression, misuse of medicines, and staying in front of the tv screen late at night can also cause migraine aura.
But it should be remembered that the causes of migraine that have been described so far are only a guess. The exact causes of migraine and its final treatment are not yet known.
Apart from medical science, according to some schools of thought, there is a treatment for migraine, the details of which are listed below.

Spiritual Treatmant For Migraine Aura

There are many diseases in the world that cannot be cured by medical science. But sometimes the treatment of such diseases is in our hands but we are not aware of it.
We are talking about ancient home remedies and behind every home remedy there must be some great logic. In ancient times, every kind of migraine is treated with a special kind of fragrance. We found this fragrance in mughal . So, if any brother or sister is troubled due to migraine, they should wear the mughol around their neck.
Mughol will give you immunity against migraines. Due to which you will be able to beat the migraine very soon. Click the button below to get details about mughol.

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