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Diagnose Migraine Without Aura ?
There is no test to diagnose migraine without aura. We can diagnose migraines without aura based on symptoms alone.
Usually to diagnose migraine without aura Headache, vomiting, nausea, light, smell, loud noises, and mood swings are taken into consideration.
However, doing so may lead to misdiagnosis.
So the expert doctor diagnoses migraine without aura in the light of his experiences, symptoms, and many other things and it may take a week.
If a patient has a brain tumor or some kind of infection, then symptoms like migraine without aura may appear.
Therefore, in such a case, the doctor can do a CT scan etc. so that the possible doubts regarding the disease can be removed.
It should be remembered that only after the correct diagnosis of the disease, its possible treatment can be done.
A doctor usually diagnoses migraine without aura based on the symptoms listed below.
The patient has experienced at least five headache attacks and the patient has been suffering from headaches for 4 hours to 72 hours in each headache attack.
The patient has severe pain in one part of the head and this pain is throbbing.
Without aura, the pain of a migraine goes on and on.
A patient has nausea and vomiting, during a migraine attack without aura.
During this time, the patient may be disturbed by bright lights and sounds.

Tips for Migraine Without Aura

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