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Foods That Can Trigger Migraines ?
Our Diet Plays An Important Role In Triggering Migraines. According To Experts, There Are 10 Of Our Foods, Which Sometimes Trigger Migraine. The Continuous Consumption Of The Foods We Are Mentioning In This Post Can Make A Healthy Person Suffer From Migraines. But If A Person Is Already Suffering From Migraine, Then Due To The Consumption Of The Mentioned Foods, They Can Suffer From Immediate Migraine. So Avoid Foods That Contain Tyramine, Caffeine, Nitrates ,Alcohol Or Msg. Foods That Contain The Compounds Described Are Detailed Below.

Aged Cheeses

Tyramine Is A Specific Type Of Compound That Can Trigger Migraines In A Person. Therefore, One Should Try To Consume Foods Containing Tyramine As Little As Possible. Foods That Contain Tyramine Include Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan, And Blue Cheese.


Any Food That Contains Alcohol Can Trigger A Migraine In A Person. Foods That Contain Alcohol Include Energy Drinks, Cold Drinks, And Certain Medications. Also, Consumption Of Red Wine In Particular Can Trigger Migraines.


Chocolate Contains Caffeine And Tyramine, So Caffeine And Tyramine Can Trigger A Migraine In A Patient.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons And Limes Contain Tyramine Therefore, If A Person Constantly Eats The Mentioned Fruits, He Will Be At Risk Of Developing Migraine.

Cured Meats

Since Cured Meats Contain Nitrates, They Can Trigger Migraines In A Person. So Try To Use Bacon, Ham, Sausage And Salami As Little As Possible.

Foods Containing Msg

A Person May Suffer From Migraine By Continuously Consuming Foods That Contain Msg. Msg Is A Special Type Of Spice Which Is Used To Make Food Taste Good. Msg Processed Meats Are Used In Noodles, Soups And Chips.

Nuts And Seeds

There Are Certain Nuts And Seeds That Can Trigger Migraines In Some People. Such Nuts And Seeds Include Peanuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, And Walnuts. However, The Number Of People Who Are Affected By Nuts And Seeds Is Less.

Pickled And Fermented Foods

Pickled And Fermented Foods Contain Tyramine And Tyramine Triggers Migraines Such Pickled And Fermented Foods Include Sauerkraut, Kimchi And Soy Sauce.

Processed Foods

Some Foods Contain Artificial Sweeteners, Preservatives, And Ingredients That Can Trigger Migraines In A Patient. Therefore, Processed Foods Should Be Avoided.

Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract Is A Special Compound That Is Often Added To Processed Foods To Improve The Flavor Of Foods. So Any Food That Contains Chyme Extract Can Trigger Migraines In An Individual.

Remember That The Mentioned Foods May Not Cause Migraine In Every Person. Rather, The Foods That Trigger Migraines Can Be Different For Each Person.Therefore, If A Particular Food Is Causing Migraine Pain For You, Then You Should Gradually Remove This Food From Your Life.
It Is Best To Contact Your Doctor So That He Can Find The Specific Ingredients In Your Diet That Are Causing Your Migraines.
For Example, If A Particular Drink Gives You A Migraine. So Let’s Try To Find Out What Are The Ingredients In This Particular Drink That Cause Migraines. So If We Remove The Migraine-Causing Ingredients From Our Drink, We Can Get Relief From Migraine.
An Example Is If An Energy Drink Is Causing You Migraines So There Is No Harm In Using Energy Drink Without Alcohol. Because Alcohol Is The Cause Of Migraine For You.

Migraine Miracle Home Remedies

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