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Ocular Migraine ?
Ocular is derived from the Latin word ocular which means eye. The word ocular is used as a correction to describe any disease of the eye. Medical science has discovered many diseases related to the eye and one of such diseases is ocular migraine. Ocular migraine is related to the human eye, so this disease is also called visual migraine. Ocular migraine is a type of migraine in which the patient’s vision in one eye is temporarily lost and this vision is suspended for 5 minutes to an hour. In simple words, we can say that the temporary suspension of vision of one eye of the patient is ocular migraine. In ocular migraine, the patient’s vision is temporarily suspended and this may be due to changes in the blood flow in the retina. Remember that ocular migraine patients do not necessarily have headaches. Most patients with ocular migraine do not have a headache. In this post, we are sharing with you the reality, symptoms, causes and proper treatment of ocular migraine.

Mysterious Symptoms of Ocular Migraine

Different people may have different symptoms of ocular migraine, but the most important symptoms are being shared with you in this post. Which are as follows.
The most important symptom of ocular migraine is that the patient cannot see in one eye this symptom is temporary and lasts for more than an hour.
In ocular migraine, the patient has visual disturbances and during this visual disturbance, the patient may see something like bright lights, colors, circles, or empty fields, all of which are illusions of vision.
Some people may experience headaches in ocular migraine, but most patients do not have headache symptoms.
In ocular migraine, the patient may experience vomiting and dizziness.
During ocular migraine, the patient may be disturbed by bright lights and loud sounds.
During ocular migraine, the patient feels weak and tired.
Ocular migraine is not a dangerous condition nor does it have any effect on the vision, but nevertheless, in case of suspicion of ocular migraine, a doctor should be contacted.

Decoding the Hidden Causes of Ocular Migraine

Medical science does not know the exact causes of ocular migraine . However, it is believed that due to changes or blockages in the blood flow in the retina of the human eye, light cannot enter one of the patient’s eyes as needed. Therefore, for this reason, the patient does not see anything in one eye for some time. Apart from this, mental stress, lack of sleep and excessive use of narcotic drugs can cause ocular migraine.

Unique Strategies for Ocular Migraine Treatment

There is no definitive cure for ocular migraine. The symptoms of ocular migraine can be controlled by using medicines, but this disease cannot be eliminated permanently. If a brother or sister suffers from ocular migraine and they have ocular migraine attacks every day. So they should wear maghol around their neck with the doctor’s medicine. There is a cure for all types of migraines in the very slow smell of mughol.
Mughol provides immunity to the patient against migraine. Due to this, the patient is able to overcome the migraine pain. In ancient times, all kinds of migraines were treated by Mughol and this method of treatment is still successful today. Click the button below for Mughol details .

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