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Silent Migraine ?
Silent migraine a type of migraine in which the patient has all the symptoms of a migraine but does not have pain in any part of the head. That is, it is a migraine in which the patient does not have a headache, but the patient has all the symptoms of migraine. Many people ignore silent migraines as trivial while it can cause serious harm to the patient side effects of silent migraines include stroke and rupture of cerebral arteries. Silent migraine can adversely affect a person’s psychological, social and home life. There are medications to reduce the severity of silent migraines. Therefore, if a patient feels that he is showing symptoms of migraine but does not have a headache, then he needs to contact a doctor to avoid serious damage. Remember that due to silent migraine, the patient may be paralyzed.

Silent Migraine Symptoms

The symptoms of a silent migraine are similar to those of a normal migraine.
The only difference is that a person with these symptoms does not feel a headache.
In silent migraines, the patient would see bright lights and circles of color .
In silent migraine, the patient experiences vomiting and dizziness some people with silent migraines experience tingling or numbness in their face or nerves.
Patients suffering from silent migraine cannot pronounce words correctly.
Apart from this, their memory is also affected.
All the symptoms described in silent migraine are present in the patient but there is no pain in any part of the patient’s head.
In addition, it is believed that none of the symptoms described in silent migraine are manifested by the patient.
But there is a pain in one part of his head.
Silent migraine causes like normal migraines, silent migraines can be caused by bright lights, strong smells, mental stress, lack of sleep and weakness of the brain nerves.
There is no definite cause or symptom of migraine.
The symptoms and causes of silent migraine may vary from patient to patient.
The main causes and symptoms of silent migraine have been shared with you.

Silent Migraine Treatment

There is no definitive cure for silent migraine.But for this there are medicines that can be used to avoid the damage caused by silent migraine . So if you have a silent migraine disease, you must be in touch with the doctor.
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