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Migraine With Brainstem Aura ?
The Brainstem Is The Part Of The Brain That Connects The Brain To The Spinal Cord. In Other Words, We Can Call It The Lower Part Of The Brain. The Brainstem Controls Breathing, Heartbeat, Blood Pressure, Balance, Consciousness, Vision, Hearing, Taste And Many Other Functions In The Human Body.If There Is A Problem In The Brainstem, It Can Lead To Severe Damage To The Human Body, And One Of These Damages Is The Brainstem Aura. Migraine Brainstem Aura Most Commonly Affects Women And Men Age 25 And Older. And Among The People In The World Who Suffer From Migraines, One Percent Of Them Are Affected By Migraine Brainstem Aura. So In Case Of Problem In The Brainstem, If A Person Starts Having Pain In The Lower Part Of The Brain, Then It Is Migraine Brainstem Aura. Migraine Brainstem Aura Is More Common In Women Than Men. In This Post We Will Share With You The Reality, Symptoms, Causes And Proper Spiritual Treatment Of Migraine Brainstem Aura.

Migraine with Brainstem Aura Symptoms

Usually, The Symptoms Of Migraine Brainstem Aura Last From 5 To 60 Minutes, But Sometimes This Duration Is Longer. Migraine Brainstem Aura Is A Serious Condition And Can Lead To Paralysis. If Any Of These Symptoms Appear On A Patient, He Should Contact A Doctor Immediately.
Following Are The Main Symptoms Of Migraine Brainstem Aura 
In A Migraine Brainstem Aura, The Patient Sees Bright Lights Or Circles Of Color Before Or During The Pain In The Lower Part Of The Brain .
These Spheres Of Bright Lights And Colors Do Not Exist In Reality.
During The Pain, The Patient Feels Dizzy And Has Nausea .
In A Migraine Brainstem Aura, The Patient May Experience Hearing Loss
And Sometimes The Patient Hears Ringing In His Ears.
In Migraine Brainstem Aura, Sometimes The Patient Starts To See Double Vision Due To Visual Disturbance.
In Migraine Brainstem Aura, The Patient Cannot Speak Properly.
The Patient Feels Numbness, Tingling And Extreme Weakness On One Side Of His Body
Migraine Brainstem Aura Can Also Be Hereditary And This Pain Is More Common In Women Than In Men.

Migraine with Brainstem Aura Causes

Medical Science Does Not Know The Exact Causes Of Migraine Brainstem Aura.
The Symptoms And Reasons That Are Described Are Just Theories Based On Observations.
It Is Generally Believed That Migraine With Brainstem Is Caused By Temporary Disturbances In The Nerve Cells Of The Brainstem .
In Addition, There Are Certain Triggers That Can Cause Migraine Brainstem Aura.
In These Motivations.
Mental Stress
Excessive Sleep Deprivation
Too Much Consumption Of Cold Drinks Or Market Food
Hormonal Changes
Loud Noises.
Strong Smell
Changes In Weather .

Migraine With Brainstem Aura Treatments

There Is No Definitive Cure For Migraine Brainstem Aura In Medical Science . In Medical Treatment, The Patient Is Given Drugs To Control The Symptoms And Pain So That The Patient Is Protected From Serious Damage Or Paralysis.
But According To Some Ancient Experts, There Is A Cure For Every Type Of Migraine In Mughal.
Mughal Is A Piece Of Leather With A Very Faint Scent That Cannot Be Felt.
This Smell Has The Power To Control All Types Of Migraine.
So If You Are Not Getting Relief From Migraine Brainstem Aura Despite Taking The Doctor’s Medication So You Wear The Mughol Around Your Neck With Medical Treatment. You Will Get Instant Relief From Pain. For More Information And Guidance, Please Contact Our Team On Whatsapp.

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