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Migraine with Aura Stroke Risk ?
Stroke means paralysis . And stroke is caused by blockage of blood flow in brain vessels, blood clots in brain vessels, or rupture of brain vessels. In this post, we will tell you how likely a migraine patient with aura is to have a stroke and what could be the reasons for it.
Every migraine sufferer is at risk of stroke. This risk is twice as high in patients with migraine with aura . But if the migraine patient also has blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, then the risk of stroke increases. According to experts, there is a close relationship between migraine with aura and stroke. Studies have shown that migraine sufferers have a nearly two-fold increased risk of ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke is a type of stroke that can occur due to blood clots in the blood vessels of the brain.
And the highest risk of this type of stroke is in patients with migraine with aura. The category of migraine with aura generally includes five main types of migraine.That is, patients with these five types of migraine have twice the risk of stroke. These five types of migraine with aura are listed below.
Visual Aura
Sensory Aura
Speech and language Aura
Motor Aura
Brainstem Aura

Causes Of Migraine with Aura Stroke Risk

Why are patients with migraine aura more at risk of stroke?
Experts do not have an answer to this question. But it is thought that blood clots are more likely to form due to reduced blood flow in the vessels of the brain in migraine sufferers. This process is more common in patients with migraine with aura. And for this reason, the risk of stroke is higher in a migraine patient with aura. This risk increases even more when the patient has blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

Expert Observations

Based on their observations, experts have told some important things about migraine and stroke with aura, which are as follows.
People with migraine with aura have a two-fold increased risk of stroke, and this risk increases with age.
Women are more likely to suffer from migraines and strokes than men.
If a person with migraine with aura has high blood pressure or high cholesterol, the risk of stroke increases.
Apart from this, if such a patient has a habit of smoking, the risk of stroke increases.

Precautions for Migraine with Aura Stroke Risk

If a patient is suffering from migraine with aura, he/she needs to change his/her lifestyle.
Therefore, experts have suggested some precautionary measures to make them a part of your life to minimize the risk of stroke.
These precautions are as follows.
Use your doctor’s medicine regularly to control your blood pressure and cholesterol.
Avoid smoking and sit with people who smoke as little as possible.
Make exercise an integral part of your life
Eat healthy food.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Manage stress.
In any case, make it a habit to sleep on time.
Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.


We have told you that the risk of stroke in patients with migraine aura is twice as high as in patients with normal migraine. And this risk is further increased by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking habit.

Treatmnent For Migraine with Aura

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