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Chronic Migraine ?
People Who Get Migraines Permanently, We Call It Chronic Migraine.Generally, In Chronic Migraine, The Patient Experiences Pain For 15 Days In A Month And Sometimes The Patient Experiences This Pain Every Day And Every Hour. Chronic Migraine Affects 12% To 15% Of People Worldwide. And In Every Coming Day, This Disease Has Been Guarding Its Claws In Humans. Chronic Migraines Usually Begin In A Person’s Teenage Years And With Increasing Age, This Pain Decreases. But Some People Believe That This Pain Never Subsides Rather, With Increasing Age, A Person Becomes Accustomed To It, Due To Which It Does Not Matter Whether He Has Pain Or Not.

Chronic Migraine Symptoms

Medical Science Does Not Know About The Final Symptoms Of Chronic Migraine.
A Chronic Migraine Can Be Identified Based On A Few Symptoms.
These Symptoms Are As Follows.
In Chronic Migraine, The Patient Has Constant Pain In One Half Of The Head.
This Pain Occurs To The Patient For At Least 8 Or 15 Days In A Month.
In Chronic Migraine, The Patient Feels An Inward Throbbing Sensation In One Part Of The Head
Due To Which The Pain Intensity Of The Patient Increases.
The Patient Feels Nausea, Fever And Fatigue During The Pain.
Light, Sound, And Smell Can Add To The Patient’s Pain.
During The Pain, The Patient Feels As If His Head Is Spinning.
The Patient Feels Pins And Needles In The Head And Body.

Chronic Migraine Causes

The Ultimate Cause Of Migraine Is Not Yet Known But In General, Things That Can Cause Migraine Include: Persistent Lack Of Sleep, Depression, Fear, Anxiety, And Feelings Of Inferiority May Occur. So If You Suffer From Migraines, Try As Much As Possible To Avoid The Triggers Mentioned. That Is, The Patient Should Try To Spend As Much Time As Possible With His Loved Ones. One Should Make A Habit Of Walking For At Least One Hour Every Morning And Evening. Market Food, Rice, Cold Drink And The Habit Of Sleeping Late Should Be Removed From Your Life. Also, Stay Close To Nature And Use Natural Foods. By Following The Tips Mentioned Above, You May Be Able To Beat Chronic Migraines.

Spiritual Treatmant For Chronic Migraine

If A Brother Or Sister Suffers From Migraines, They Should Consult A Doctor To Avoid Self-Medication . And If You Don’t Benefit From The Doctor’s Medicine, Then You Must Wear Mahol Around Your Neck Along With The Doctor’s Medicine. Mughal Improves The Function Of The Medicine Prescribed By The Doctor And It Also Gives Immense Immunity To The Patient And Only Because Of Immunity, A Person Can Defeat The Disease.That Is, Mughol Also Gives The Patient The Strength To Fight The Disease. Countless Patients Have Been Cured Till Date Due To Mughol Therefore, If You Are Also Suffering From Migraine, Then You Must Wear Mughol Around Your Neck. If You Need More Information About This Spiritual Treatment, You Can Contact Our Team On Whatsapp.

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