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Stress Migraines ?
Stress Is Called Stiffness. When Something Is Stretched, This Condition Is Called Stress.While In Medical Science, When Tension Occurs In The Nerves, It Is Called Stress. And When A Person Has Severe Pain In One Part Of His Head Due To Tension In His Nerves, We Call This Pain As Stress Migraine . Stress Migraine Is Also Known As Tension Migraine. When A Person Is Constantly Under Mental Stress, Many Changes Take Place In The Human Mind And Body Due To His Reaction. These Changes Include Problems With Blood Flow To The Brain, Muscle Stiffness, And Feelings Of Extreme Sadness. Therefore, In Such A Case, Severe Pain Starts In One Part Of The Person’s Head. This Pain Is A Stress Migraine Which Is Much More Severe Than A Normal Headache. Any Person Can Suffer From Mental Stress Due To Domestic Problems, Work, Job And Business Problems.So Mental Stress Is What Creates Tension In The Nerves And Constant Tension In The Nerves Is The Cause Of Stress Migraine . Therefore, If The Triggers That Cause Mental Stress Are Controlled, The Patient Can Avoid Stress Migraine To A Great Extent.
In This Post, We Are Sharing With You The Reality, Symptoms, Causes And Proper Treatment Of Tension Migraine.

Stress Migraine Symptoms

A Stress Migraine Can Be Easily Recognized. If a Person Is Experiencing Severe Throbbing Pain In One Part Of The Head Due To a Persistent Problem We Can Call It Stress Migraine But Simply Considering Mental Stress Can Misdiagnose A Stress Migraine  Therefore, Along With Stress, We Have To Consider The Rest Of The Symptoms Of Migraine.
So, To Recognize Tension Migraine, We Have To Keep In Mind 5 More Symptoms Which Are As Follows.
During The Pain, The Patient May Experience Vomiting And Dizziness.
The Patient May Vomit Before Or During The Pain .
The Patient May Be Disturbed By Loud Noises, Bright Lights, And Strong Smells.
Movement May Increase The Intensity Of The Patient’s Pain.
A Patient May Experience Visual Disturbances Before Or During A Stress Migraine.
In Which The Patient Can See Circles Of Colors Or Light.

Stress Migraine Causes

The Cause Of Stress Migraine Is The Creation Of Tension In The Nerve. The Nerve Center Is The Human Brain.
So Whenever There Is A Disturbance In The Nerves, It Affects The Brain And Tension In The Nerves Of The Brain Is Considered To Be The Most Important Cause Of Stress Migraine .
Now, To Know The Causes Of Stress Migraine , First Of All We Have To Find Out What Are The Triggers That Cause Tension In Human Nerves.
Only After That We Will Know What Are The Causes Of Stress Migraine .
Therefore, The Stimuli That Cause Tension In Human Nerves Are As Follows.
Mental Stress
Blood Flow
Nerve Tension
Lack Of Sleep
Mental Stress
The Main Cause Of Stress Migraine Is Mental Stress But A Day’s Mental Stress Does Not Cause Stress Migraine Rather, When A Person Sees Trouble For A Long Period Of Time, It Causes The Human Body And Brain To Release Certain Types Of Chemicals. Due To This, The Nerve Of The Brain Gets Damaged And This Damage Causes The Person To Suffer From Stress Migraine .
Blood Flow 
Stress Affects The Blood Vessels Due To Which The Blood Flow To The Body And Brain Is Not Proper So Due To This Reason The Person May Suffer From Tension Migraine
Nerve Tension 
When The Nerves Become Tense, It Causes The Nerves In The Patient’s Neck, Shoulders, And Scalp To Become Numb. And This Tension Can Cause Migraine.
Lack Of Sleep 
Excessive Lack Of Sleep, Consumption Of Poor Diet, Excessive Consumption Of Cigarettes, Caffeine And Energy Drinks Can Also Cause Stress Migraine .

Tips To Prevent Stress Migraine

Prevention Of Stress Migraine Is Largely In The Patient’s Own Hands. Therefore, The Patient Should Try To Avoid All Such Stimuli That Cause Stress For Him. Among Such Triggers Are Lack Of Sleep, Poor Diet, Excessive Use Of Narcotic Drugs And Being Too Sensitive.Below We Are Presenting Some Such Points For You, By Following Which You Will Be Able To Control Stress Migraine .
These Important Points Are As Follows:
Stress Migraine Usually Affects Patients Who Live Mostly In A Dream World And Keep Thinking Aimlessly. So Try As Much As Possible To Avoid Sensitivity, Depression And Inferiority Complex.
The Patient Should Exercise In The Morning And Evening.
A Patient With Stress Migraine Should Walk Until He Is Tired.
A Patient Suffering From Stress Migraine Should Avoid Eating Food Untimely And For No Reason And The Patient Should Try To Eat Less Food.
Apart From This, The Patient Should Never Consume Market Food, Rice, Cold Drinks And Too Many Sweet Items.
The Patient Of Stress Migraine Should Try To Spend More Time With His Loved Ones.
A Tension Migraine Patient Is Unable To Focus His Attention In Any Particular Direction, Due To Which He Has To Stay In Pain For A Long Time.
But If This Patient Engages Himself In Meditation, The Patient Can Come Out Of The State Of Stress Very Quickly.
Some Of The Mentioned Remedies Can Relieve You From Stress, But It Is Important That You Stay In Touch With The Doctor.

Stress Migraine Treatment

Many Types Of Migraine Have Been Discovered But There Is No Definitive Cure For Any Of Them. Despite This, The Theories That Experts Have Described In The Light Of Observations Work To A Great Extent. Therefore, It Is Important To Consult A Doctor To Protect Yourself From The Terrible Consequences Of Migraine But If A Brother Or Sister Is Not Benefiting Despite Taking The Doctor’s Medicine, Then He Should Wear A Maghol Around His Neck With The Doctor’s Treatment. Mughol Gives The Patient A Much Stronger Immunity And Due To Immunity, The Patient Is Able To Defeat Deadly And Terrible Diseases. In Addition, Mughol Improves The Functionality Of The Doctor’s Medicine. Due To Mughal, Stress Migraine And All Types Of Migraine Patients Have Been Cured.Mughol Is Not A Medicine But An Ancient Spiritual Remedy
Which Is Not Recognized By The Human Intellect, But Its Great Effects Have Been Observed By Thousands Of People In Today’s Century. So If You Want To Defeat Migraines Quickly, Wear Mughol Around Your Neck.If You Need More Information About Mughol, You Can Contact Our Team On Whatsapp.

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