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Episodic Migraine?
Episodic Migraine Is A Type Of Migraine In Which The Patient Repeatedly Experiences Severe Pain In One Part Of The Head. This Pain Lasts From 2 Hours To 2 Days . Episodic Migraine Disturbs The Patient Intermittently For At Least 15 Days In A Month. 12% Of The World’s Population Suffer From Episodic Migraine And Women Are 3 Times More Likely To Have Episodic Migraines Than Men. Episodic Migraine Is A Severe Headache Occurring Intermittently And This Is Its Hallmark. In This Post, I Will Share With You The Reality Of Episodic Migraine, Its Symptoms, And The Right Way To Control This Pain.

Delving Into Episodic Migraine Symptoms

The Symptoms Of Episodic Migraine May Differ In Each Patient, But Episodic Migraine Can Be Identified Based On A Few Symptoms. The First Symptom Of Episodic Migraine Is That This Pain Occurs Intermittently In The Patient. In Episodic Migraine, The Patient Experiences Two Distinct Phases Of Symptoms Known As The Prodrome And Aura Phases.
In The Prodrome Stage, The Patient’s Mood Changes
The Patient Has Frequent Hunger Pangs
The Patient’s Neck May Become Stiff
The Patient Has Frequent Urination.
The Described Symptoms Are Severe And If Recognized Early, The Severity Of The Pain Can Be Controlled.
In Episodic Migraine, The Second Phase Of Symptoms Experienced By The Patient Is Called The Aura Phase. In This Stage, Many Neurological Symptoms Appear In Front Of The Patient, Which Lasts From 20 Minutes To An Hour.
In The Aura Phase, The Patient Has Visual Disturbances In Which The Patient Sees Flashing Lights,
The Patient Feels Tingling Or Numbness In The Face And Some Parts Of The Body.
The Patient Feels Vomiting And Dizzy.
Loud Noise, Light, And Strong Smells Increase The Intensity Of The Patient’s Pain
The Symptoms Described Are Not Definitive So If You Suspect You Are Suffering From Episodic Migraine
So You Should Consult A Specialist
So That He Can Properly Diagnose Your Disease.
Correct Treatment Is Possible Only On The Basis Of Correct Diagnosis.

Revealing Episodic Migraine Causes

The Exact Cause Of Episodic Migraine Is Unknown. But Episodic Migraines Are Thought To Be Caused By A Combination Of Genetic And Environmental Factors. It Is More Likely That If The Mother Has Episodic Migraine, It Can Be Passed On To Her Children. Episodic Migraines Can Be Triggered By Hormonal Changes. Hormonal Changes Occur In Women Due To Pregnancy, Menstruation, And Menopause Due To Which Women Are 3 Times More Likely To Have Episodic Migraine Than Men. Many Environmental Factors And Foods Can Trigger Episodic Migraines. Lack Of Sleep, Mental Stress, Depression, Poor Diet, Cold Drinks, Energy Drinks, Caffeine, And Unnecessary Use Of Drugs. There Are Factors That Can Trigger Episodic Migraines.

Approaches To Episodic Migraine Treatment

The Definitive Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Of Episodic Migraine Have Not Been Discovered. But By Following The Doctor’s Instructions, We Can Reduce The Severity Of Episodic Migraine And Future Damage. If A Brother Or Sister Suffers From Episodic Migraines And Despite Taking The Doctor’s Medicine,
Is Not Getting Any Benefit, Then He Should Wear A Moghol Around His Neck Along With Taking The Doctor’s Medicine. Mughal Is Not A Medicine, But It Improves The Function Of Medicine.Mughol Gives The Patient A Lot Of Immunity Due To This, The Patient Gets The Strength To Overcome The Migraine. Many Patients Have Overcome Migraine Due To Mughol. Therefore, If You Are Suffering From Any Kind Of Migraine, Then Wear Mughol Around Your Neck. If You Need More Information About Mughol, Please Contact Our Team On Whatsapp.

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