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Menstrual Migraine with Aura ?
Some women experience severe throbbing pain in one part of the head before or during menstruation . During this time they also experience visual disturbance, this is menstrual migraine aura , Which often happens to women. Before or during a menstrual migraine aura, the patient experiences nausea, dizziness, and severe weakness. Apart from this, women are also bothered by light and loud sounds during menstrual migraine aura. During menstrual migraine aura, each patient may experience different symptoms of aura , So visit the below link for complete description of Aura symptoms .
Recognizing Aura

Causes Of Menstrual Migraine With Aura

Medical science does not know the exact causes of menstrual migraine aura. However, experts believe that the main cause of menstrual migraine aura may be hormonal changes and genetic changes. In women, hormonal changes occur due to pregnancy, menopause, and menstruation So they are more likely to get menstrual migraine aura . Apart from this, the women whose mother has the problem of menstrual migraine aura, then because of this, their sons can also have this problem. Remember that menstrual migraine is the destruction of intelligence, beauty and health of women.

Symtums Of Menstrual Migraine With Aura

Menstrual migraine symptoms with aura usually last for several hours, But sometimes it can last for several days. Before the onset of menstrual migraine aura, the patient has symptoms of aura and one hour later the patient experiences a severe headache.

Treatment Of Menstrual Migraine With Aura

There is no definitive cure for menstrual migraine aura, but there are medications to reduce the symptoms and severity of the pain. So the patient should contact the doctor, but if the patient’s pain does not decrease despite the doctor’s medicine, then he should wear a Maghol around his neck.Mughal will give the patient immunity, due to which she will get relief from all problems related to menstruation and migraine.
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Miracle Tips for Migraines

Remember that there are many types of migraine, all of which are incurable. But by adopting a better diet, better lifestyle, contact with a doctor, and ancient remedies to boost immunity, you can greatly reduce future damage. So if you want to bring peace and happiness in your life visit the below links.
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