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What Is Aura And Its Symtums ?
If you want to understand migraine, you must first understand aura and its symptoms. And regarding Aura you will get the correct information in this post .
Aura is called the bright light. According to spiritualists, the aura is a light that is within a human being. And this light protects man. While in medical correction, when a person is faced with a visual disturbance, at that time he sees circles of lights. These circular circles of light appear to man, but they do not exist in reality. This is a symbol that is associated with the aura. According to medical science, when blood circulation in the arteries of the brain cannot be done properly .
So, due to this reason, disturbance in human senses starts due to which human senses are not able to perform their functions correctly. Hence the term of medical science is Aura. In short, aura is a group of symptoms caused by changes in blood flow in the arteries of the brain. Therefore, when there is a temporary problem in the arteries of the human brain, due to this, the human’s sense of sight, hearing and feeling is temporarily affected and this is aura. In medical science, correction of the aura is used to diagnose complex diseases due to it
Migraine is important in such complex diseases. We mentioned earlier that aura is a group of symptoms.
Now the question arises that what are the symptoms of Aura?
We have presented below for you the essential symptoms of aura.

Visual Disturbances

If there is a temporary change in blood flow to the nerves in the part of the brain that produces vision. So due to this, the human eye starts to see circles of colors, zigzag lines, blind spots and circles of colors like rainbows. Apart from this, due to a temporary problem in the nerves of the brain, places that are not visible to the patient can also be seen.


Due to a temporary problem in the nerves of the brain, sometimes the patient shows a scotoma . A scotoma is a blind spot that may look like a dark blur.
The spot goes to the side where the patient loses his eye. The patient feels as if there is a black curtain in front of one part of his eye . And because of this, the patient cannot see with one part of his eye. This visual disturbance is called scotoma, which is an important symptom of aura.

Tunnel Vision

This is a symptom of aura in which the patient feels as if there is something tunnel-like in front of the eye. Therefore, everything visible to the patient in the surrounding environment appears as if he is looking through a tunnel. It is the visual disturbance that is the main symptom of aura.

Sensory Disturbances

It is a sensation disorder in which the patient feels tingling in his face, arm or leg. Apart from this, the patient also feels numbness on one side of his body.

Motor Auras

It is a disorder due to which the patient experiences difficulty in speaking, walking, or swallowing.

Speech Auras

This is a disorder due to which the patient faces difficulty in understanding something or speaking words.

Olfactory Auras

It is a disorder in which the patient suddenly perceives a smell that is not actually there. This is a rare symptom of aura that occurs in fewer patients.

Gustatory Auras

It is a rare disorder in which the patient suddenly feels a taste on his tongue While the patient has not eaten anything. This taste can be pleasant or unpleasant also, this taste can be familiar or unfamiliar. In fact, specific types of migraine are identified by the symptoms of the aura. Usually, the symptoms of aura can last from 5 minutes to an hour. And then most of the patients start having headache in one half of the head but in most cases, the patient does not experience pain in one half of the head after the aura symptoms disappear.
What is the main reason for the appearance of symptoms of aura?
Medical science does not have the final answer to this question. But it is believed that aura can be caused by genetic or environmental factors. Some experts believe that aura can have the following causes: ie
Narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain
Blood clots in the arteries of the brain
head injury
Brain tumor
All important information regarding Aura has been shared with you. Therefore, due to this you can easily understand the numerous types of migraine aura.

Miracle Tips for Migraines

Remember that there are many types of migraine, all of which are incurable. But by adopting a better diet, better lifestyle, contact with a doctor, and ancient remedies to boost immunity, you can greatly reduce future damage. So if you want to bring peace and happiness in your life visit the below links.
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