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Migraine Arm Numb ?
In this post, we will tell you why the arm of a migraine patient is numb. Numbness in the patient’s arm in migraine can be a sign of hemiplegic migraine. Hemiplegic migraine is a rare type of migraine in which half of the patient’s body may be numb. Half of the human body consists of one arm, half of the face, part of the tongue and one ear. Therefore, the human organs described in hemiplegic migraine may be temporarily affected.
In Hemiplegic migraine, numbness in the patient’s arm begins less than 30 minutes before the headache begins.
And after that this numbness can continue for several hours or several days.
And during this, the patient experiences visual disturbance, difficulty in speaking and difficulty in maintaining balance.
Apart from this, the patient also feels vomiting and dizziness
Our topic is the cause of numbness in the patient’s arm during migraine and choosing the right remedy for it. So we try to find out the cause of numbness in the patient’s arm in migraine.

Migraine Arm Numb Causes

Numbness in one arm of a patient in migraine may be hemiplegic migraine.
The exact reasons for which have not been known till date.
But it is clear that migraine is a disease of the nerves of the brain.
Since the brain controls our entire body
Therefore, if there is a change in the blood flow in the part of the brain that controls our arm, temporary numbness can occur in the arm.
The reason why there is a change in blood flow in the blood vessels in the nerves of the brain could not be ascertained.

Remedy for Migraine Arm Numb

There is no definitive cure for migraines, but the severity of all types of migraines can be reduced through better diet, better lifestyle and moghools.
Mughal gives the patient up to 25% immunity against migraine in 15 days.
And with this, if better diet, better sleep and better lifestyle are adopted, then the patient can overcome the migraine for a long time.
The link for details of Mughool is given below.

Miracle Tips for Migraines

Remember that hemiplegic migraine is incurable, but with better diet, better lifestyle, better sleep, walking and exercise, the severity of hemiplegic migraine can be controlled in the long term. So the things you have to take care of all your life. The links for their details are listed below. So follow what has been said to bring peace in life soon.
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