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Migraine without Aura Causes ?
In this post, we will tell you some important causes of migraine without aura. Medical science does not know the ultimate causes of migraine without aura. But experts believe that migraine without aura can be caused by environmental and genetic factors. These environmental and genetic factors can be listed below.

Genetic factors

Migraines without aura can be caused by genetics. If one’s parents suffer from migraine, it is possible that their children will suffer from this disease. Experts have identified many genes that can be the cause of migraine, but the final thing has not come out in this regard.

Environmental factors

Many environmental factors can cause migraines without aura. Actually, no one gets migraine suddenly. It takes many years to develop this disease.
It means that a person is constantly doing something that gradually weakens the nerves of his brain.
When the nerve of the brain is weakened by inflammation, in such a case severe pain starts in one part of the human brain.
Upon confirmation, it is known that it is a migraine.
Now the question arises that what are the habits that can make a person suffer from migraine without aura?
Such habits include sleep disturbance, poor diet and mental stress.
In addition, less water consumption, alcohol and caffeine consumption, not exercising, continuous use of bakery products, Rice, and chocolate, temperature, strong light, loud sound, and strong smell are such factors found in the environment، Due to constant exposure to them, a normal person may sometimes suffer from migraine
And if a person is prone to migraines, he may experience severe migraine attacks due to the environmental factors mentioned.
So, some of the environmental factors that cause migraines are detailed below.
Hormonal Changes :
Migraine without aura is more common in women than men. Hormonal fluctuations occur during pregnancy, menstruation, leucorrhoea, and menopause in women, and due to this, women often experience migraines without aura.
When a person’s brain nerves are stressed, certain chemicals are released into the brain
And the release of these chemicals can make the patient suffer from migraine without aura.
Stress is considered to be the most important trigger for triggering migraine aura.
Sleep Disturbance:
If a person’s sleep is constantly disturbed, then due to this disturbance, the patient may suffer from migraine at some point in his life. If a person is already suffering from migraine, he may have severe migraine attacks due to sleep disturbance.
Some Foods And Drinks:
People who regularly consume chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, rice, bakery products, and medications are likely to trigger migraines.
A person who already suffers from migraines may experience severe migraine attacks if they consume the foods and drinks mentioned earlier.
Sensory Stimuli :
Many people may experience migraine attacks due to bright lights, loud noises and strong smells. Apart from this, the fluctuation in temperature can also make the patient suffer from migraine.

Use less Water :
If a person with migraine without aura reduces their water intake, this will increase their risk of having a migraine without aura attack.
Do not Walk :
Patients who do not walk for 30 minutes after eating are at increased risk of migraine attacks without aura.
Excessive Use of Mobile :
A patient may develop migraine without aura due to excessive use of mobile, TV, or computers. Mobile TV, computers and sunlight contain blue light which can cause migraines without aura.
Excessive use of AC :
People who live in AC rooms all the time are at a higher risk of migraine attacks without aura.
So it is important for every person to walk in fresh air and open environment.
We have given you the possible causes of migraine without aura. So stay away from every food and habit that causes you to get migraine aura attack. And you may know this better than the doctor .


there is no definitive cure for migraine Without Aura, but we can definitely control migraine for a long time with better diet, better lifestyle and Mughal. Mughool gives the patient a strong immunity against migraines, which makes the patient able to overcome the migraines.
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Tips for Migraine Without Aura

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