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Acephalgic Migraine ?
Acephalgic Migraine Is A Rare Type Of Migraine. In This Migraine, The Patient Experiences All The Symptoms Of Migraine Except The Headache Acephalgic Means “Without A Head “. This Word Is Used For Correction So That A Person Can Easily Understand That In This Migraine The Patient Does Not Have To Face Headache. Acephalgic Migraine Is Also Known As Migraine Aura Without Headache . One Percent Of Migraine Sufferers In The World Suffer From Acephalgic Migraine. Acephalgic Migraine Affects Women More Than Men . And People Of 20 To 30 Years Of Age Are More Affected By It. In This Post, We Are Sharing With You The Reality, Symptoms And Correct Treatment Of Acephalgic Migraine.

Unveiling Acephalgic Migraine Symptoms

The Symptoms Of Acephalgic Migraine Are Not Necessarily The Same In Every Patient . But There Is One Symptom By Which Acephalgic Migraine Can Be Recognized That Is, In Acephalgic Migraine, The Patient Does Not Have Pain In The Head, But The Patient Has To Face All The Other Symptoms Of Migraine.
Other Symptoms Of Acephalgic Migraine Include Vomiting, Dizziness, Visual Disturbances
The Patient May Have Difficulty Sensing Bright Lights, Strong Smells Or Objects.
The Patient May Experience Difficulty In Speaking, Fatigue, And Numbness.
Epileptic Migraine Symptoms Can Last From 30 Minutes To An Hour And Sometimes Longer.

Acephalgic Migraine Causes Revealed

The Exact Cause Of Acephalgic Migraine Is Unknown, But It Is Believed To Be Due To Genetic And Environmental Factors. And This Is The Case In All Types Of Migraine. But Because The Symptoms Of Each Type Of Migraine Are Different, They Are Given Different Names.
Some Of The Causes Of Acephalgic Migraine Are Described By Experts Which Are As Follows.
Acephalgic Migraine Is Passed From Parents To Their Offspring
Which Indicates That The Cause Of Acephalgic Migraine Is Somewhere Genetic.
In Women, Acephalgic Migraines Can Be Triggered By Changes During Menstruation, Pregnancy And Menopause.
Hormonal Changes Are One Of The Causes Of Acephalgic Migraine.
For This Reason, Acephalgic Migraine Affects Mostly Women.
Triggers Such As Lack Of Sleep, Poor Diet, Energy Drinks, Cold Drinks, Mental Stress And Blood Pressure Can Trigger Acephalgic Migraines.

Acephalgic Migraine Treatment Unveiled

For The Correct Diagnosis And Treatment Of Acephalgic Migraine, Contact With A Specialist Doctor Is Essential But If You Are Not Benefiting Even After Taking The Doctor’s Medicine, Then You Should Wear A Mogul Around Your Neck Along With The Doctor’s Medicine.
Moghol Is Not A Medicine But It Improves The Effects Of The Doctor’s Medicine. And It Gives The Patient Strength To Fight The Disease. Mughol Treats All Types Of Migraines Within 24 Hours
Therefore, You Must Wear A Mughol Around Your Neck To Defeat Your Disease Quickly.
If You Need More Information About Mughol, You Can Contact Our Team.

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