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Migraine Meditation ?
Meditation is the practice of focusing attention on one point. Nowadays it is recognized that meditation is an excellent treatment for migraine. Meditation is considered a spiritual exercise that soothes and strengthens the nerves of the mind. Meditation is an ancient method of healing and meditation is an important part of the worship of all religions.
There are many types of meditation but in this post, we are telling you one such meditation that can reduce your migraine symptoms and pain intensity by up to 50%. Until recently, such treatment was considered irrational and useless. But today, many experts in the world advise migraine sufferers to meditate. Remember that due to meditation you will be able to control your mind, thoughts, and body according to your will. That is, after mastering meditation, if you imagine that your arm hurts, then your arm will start to hurt. Similarly, if you imagine during pain that you are not feeling pain, then you will not feel pain. Migraines are controlled by meditation using the same logic. This is not irrational, but this has been proven by medical science. Thousands of years ago, meditation was common in different civilizations.
However, its scientific usefulness has been proven today. Specific meditations for migraine are detailed below.

Migraine Meditation

For Migraine Meditation you should sit comfortably in a quiet and open place before sunrise.
Now close your eyes take your breath through your mouth and hold it in your chest.
You have to hold your breath in your chest for 5 seconds,
And then slowly exhale your breath out of your chest through your nose.
You have to repeat this process 25 times.
After that, you should walk for 3 minutes and again sit comfortably.
In this situation, you concentrate all your attention on the middle of your forehead and think that 7 is written in the middle of your forehead.
You have to continue this thought for 5 minutes.
After some time you will feel that something like a heart is beating on your forehead.
Your thoughts may be scattered during this meditation, which may cause a storm of thoughts in your mind.
you should not force your thoughts but you should let the thoughts come.
In no time you will start remembering old things. And you may also experience mental exhaustion. You will also feel as if you were sleeping. Apart from this, you may also have strange dreams during meditation. You have to continue this meditation for 5 minutes and strictly you have to keep doing this meditation. Within a few days, this meditation will begin to reduce the severity and symptoms of your migraines, and when you become adept at meditation, you will be able to reduce migraine pain just by thinking.
Remember that I researched all types of meditation for 20 years and after that, I learned that 60% of diseases can be reduced through meditation.
This is because meditation turns on the battery of immunity within the individual.
And immunity is the life of man.
Also, remember that meditation does not take effect in a day.
You have to work hard for several weeks to get the benefits of meditation.
But if you want to quickly control the severity of migraine, then the ancient remedy for this is Mughool. Mughool is to provide immunity to the patient against migraine.
Due to this, the patient is able to overcome the migraine very quickly.
So the links are given below for the necessary information on Mughool and migraine.

Miracle Tips for Migraines

Remember that there are many types of migraine, all of which are incurable. But by adopting a better diet, better lifestyle, contact with a doctor, and ancient remedies to boost immunity, you can greatly reduce future damage. So if you want to bring peace and happiness in your life visit the below links.
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