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Coping with Migraine with Aura ?
Migraine with aura is an important type or group of migraines In which the patient has visual disturbance before the headache . And this disruption can last from 5 minutes to 60 minutes
and after that the patient starts having a headache and this pain is very severe . Visit the link below for complete details on Migraine with Aura.
Decoding Migraine With Aura
In this post, I will share with you the expert advice on Migraine with Aura and ancient and natural remedies to cure it. So read this post carefully. 

Take the medicine as soon as you feel the Aura

There is no definitive cure for migraine, but there are some medications that can reduce the duration and symptoms of migraine pain. Therefore, you should contact the doctor so that the doctor can give you medicine to reduce the duration of the pain and symptoms. So whenever you feel the symptoms of aura i.e. visual disturbances, you should use this medicine so that you can be protected from further suffering. This method won’t always work, and as you age, these medications can cause harm to you . Therefore, keep in touch with the doctor so that the doctor keeps reducing or changing your medicine taking into account your symptoms .

Don’t Neglect Sleep

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep as sleep helps reduce the symptoms and severity of migraines. And for this reason, most migraine patients are given sleeping pills so that they can sleep well. But if the migraine patient gets into the habit of sleeping on time and sleeps for at least 7 hours . So this may reduce the intensity and symptoms of his pain And the doctor will not need to prescribe sleeping medicine for the patient. Also, if you start experiencing symptoms of hot flashes, try to sleep at that time . And if the patient sleeps during the symptoms of aura, he can avoid the pain.

Apply A Cold Compress To Your Head

If you are experiencing symptoms of aura, apply a cold compress on your head immediately.
Due to this, the process of making the brain feel pain is reduced. A cold compress can help reduce pain and inflammation. So before or during the onset of pain or symptoms . Apply a cold compress to your forehead or the back of your neck for 20 minutes at a time.

Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol trigger migraines so avoid everything that contains caffeine and alcohol
Apart from this, you should also avoid any food that contains high amount of Tyramin. Visit the link below for details on foods that are high in Tyramin.
High Tyramine Foods

Consume Foods Rich In Magnesium

According to experts, when a person lacks magnesium in his body, he can suffer from many diseases. And one of these diseases is migraine. Therefore, a migraine patient should consume foods that are high in magnesium. Also, taking magnesium supplements can help prevent or reduce the severity of migraine attacks. For details of foods that are high in magnesium, visit the link below.
Best Foods To Eat To Prevent Migraines

Manage Stress

Stress has always been a trigger for migraines. So a migraine patient should try to stay away from depression . Apart from this, the patient should make a habit of meditation and should try to stay close to nature as much as possible.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise causes sweating and this sweat also contains the irregular hormones that cause stress, depression, and migraines. Therefore, every migraine patient should exercise at least 30 minutes in the morning and evening. By exercising, the patient feels visible results within a week.

Water Consumption

Migraine patients who consume less water are more likely to trigger migraines. Therefore, every migraine patient must drink 10 glasses of water a day.

Keep A Migraine Diary

The most important thing for a migraine sufferer is to keep a diary and in that diary write down their exact symptoms and the foods that trigger migraines. Apart from this, he should also write in this diary those foods that make him feel better after eating them. Also, if the patient’s symptoms have decreased or increased due to the change of weather, he should also write in it. In this diary, he should write down any changes that have occurred regarding migraine.
Don’t write unnecessary things in this diary . Remember to write only those things and changes that are related to your migraine in this diary. After that, whenever you go to the doctor, make him check your diary. So that the doctor can reach the exact cause of your illness based on your correct symptoms. Remember that writing a diary is important because the symptoms and causes of the onset of pain may be different for each migraine patient.
Apart from this, when the patient is telling the doctor about his symptoms, during that time the patient is not able to tell the doctor about many important symptoms Due to which the doctor finds it difficult to prescribe the right treatment. Therefore, it is important that every patient should write a diary for migraine.

Natural Remedies For Migraine

Below we have listed the antioxidants and herbs used in the natural treatment of migraine around the world. It is not necessary to do this. Therefore, before using such natural remedies, be sure to consult an expert who has experience in natural remedies. Remember that not all of the herbs mentioned will necessarily benefit everyone
Coenzyme Q10
is an antioxidant that can help protect the brain from damage. Coenzyme Q10
coenzyme Q10. Taking coenzyme Q10 supplements can help prevent or reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.
Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba is an herb that can improve circulation and blood flow to the brain.Taking ginkgo biloba supplements may help prevent or reduce the severity of migraine attacks.
Feverfew is an herb that has been used for centuries to treat headaches. Taking feverfew supplements can help prevent or reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

100-Year-Old Remedy For Migraines

Whether natural treatment is used for migraine or allopathic treatment is adopted, the patient suffers from a severe lack of immunity. In ancient times, migraine was treated by nature itself. The reason for this is that in ancient times everyone had access to a clean environment and good food. Apart from this, a person was also used to walking several miles. Therefore, rarely did any patient feel the need for treatment. And if a patient felt the need of treatment, only a Mughol was worn around his neck. Mughol used to give the patient great immunity against migraine. Due to which the patient would be cured in no time and he would not complain of migraine for many years. Therefore, if you want to defeat migraines quickly, then you should wear a mogul around your neck along with medical treatment.
Due to Mughol, you will get relief from migraine very soon. Mughol is a thousands-year-old remedy that still works well today . Click the button below for Mughal details.

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