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Migraine Pain Causes ?
Migraine Occurs When The Patient Feels Severe Pain In One Part Of His Brain But Due To Migraine, The Patient May Also Experience Pain In Any Part Of The Body And The Cause Of This Pain Is In The Nerves Of The Brain. All Experts Agree On The Stated Theory. But The Experts Do Not Have Such Evidence That Proves The Stated Theory To Be True. Therefore, The Exact Causes Of Migraine Could Not Be Known. But It Is Believed That Migraine Is Caused By Weakness Of The Nerves Of The Brain And Impaired Blood Flow In The Arteries Of The Brain . In This Post, We Are Sharing With You Some Of The Factors And Triggers That Can Cause Migraine. These Motivations And Factors Are Listed Below.

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Some Smells
  • Poor Diet
  • Temperature Changes
  • Bright Light

Hormonal Changes

If A Patient’s Body Begins To Have Excess Or Deficiency Of Hormones, Then Due To This, The Patient May Suffer From Migraine. In Women, Hormones Fluctuate Due To Pregnancy, Menstruation, Menopause And Leukorrhea. Due To Which Women Are More Likely To Get Migraine.


Every Person Has To Face Problems In Life. But Constant Worry Causes Mental Stress Due To Which The Patient Is Sometimes Triggered By Migraine.

Sleep Disturbance

At Least 7 Hours Of Sleep Is Necessary For A Normal Person. If A Person’s Sleep Is Constantly Disturbed, Then Because Of This, The Person May Suffer From Migraine.

Some Smells

Some Patients May Get Migraine Due To Smell. Actually, The Human Brain Feels The Smell Or Fragrance. The Part Of The Human Brain That Senses Smell If There Is A Problem In This, A Person’s Sense Of Smell Can Be Affected And For This Reason, Migraine Can Also Be Triggered.

Poor Diet

Consuming Poor Diet Continuously Triggers Migraine. Poor Diet Includes Market Food, Snack Foods, Chocolate, Red Wine, Rice, Cold Drink, Energy Drink, Caffeine, And Unnecessary Use Of Medicines Eating Too Much Food, And Going To Bed Soon After Eating Can Also Trigger Migraines.

Temperature Changes

People Who Use Ac Continuously, When They Move Away From Ac, Their Body Temperature Changes Due To This. Migraines Can Be Triggered Due To The Continuous Occurrence Of Such A Process. Similarly, A Sudden Change In Weather Can Trigger Migraines In Some People.ٍ

Bright Light

Bright Lights, Sunlight Or Flashing Lights Trigger Migraines In Some People. Below We Have Shared With You Some Of The Reasons Due To Which A Migraine Can Be Triggered In A Patient. But It Should Also Be Remembered That The Causes Of Migraine May Not Be The Same For Every Patient.
So The Patient Should Find Out For Himself Why Is He Having A Migraine? If The Patient Knows The Cause Of Migraine, Then Remove This Cause From His Life.

Best Treatment For Migraine

If A Brother Or Sister Is Suffering From A Migraine And Despite Taking The Doctor’s Medicine, It Has Not Helped So He Should Wear A Moghol Around His Neck While Using The Doctor’s Medicine. Mughal Gives You The Strength To Fight Migraines And Soon You Will Be Able To Beat Migraines.

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