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Signs of Aura Migraine ?
Migraine and its symptoms can be different for each patient. But in Migraine Aura, the patient may have the same aura symptoms. Due to which we can recognize migraine aura.
Migraine aura symptoms may include:
The symptoms of migraine aura appear more than 60 minutes before the patient has a Migraine attack.
Such symptoms may include seeing blind spots, zigzag lines or flashing lights,
The patient may see waves of water, heat, or colors.
A part of the patient’s body may be temporarily paralyzed.
The vision of one eye of the patient may be temporarily suspended.
The patient may have forgetfulness and difficulty moving.
The patient may experience dizziness and vomiting.
The patient is unable to concentrate on anything or doing anything.
In migraine aura, the aura symptoms appear gradually on the patient
And it can last from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
The patient then experiences a severe throbbing headache in one half of the head.
In some types of migraine aura, the patient does not experience pain in one half of the head after the aura symptoms.
But mostly after the symptoms of aura are over, the patient has severe throbbing pain in half of the head.
Subject wise we have outlined the symptoms of Migraine Aura for you .
But to understand Migraine Aura you will need some more important information which links we have listed below.
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