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Vitamin D Migraine Aura ?
Some experts believe that vitamin D deficiency can cause migraine aura. Therefore, to further confirm this, migraine aura patients were further examined. From this, it is known that people who are suffering from migraine aura have vitamin D deficiency.In addition, it was also found that the migraine aura patients who were given vitamin D reduced the severity and symptoms of migraine. This research was done in 2019 regarding vitamin D and migraine aura. However, it has not been conclusively proven that vitamin D deficiency is the cause of migraine aura. Therefore, the research of experts is still ongoing. Vitamin D is important for bone health and immune function.
Remember that if a person’s immune system is weakening, then the patient may suffer from migraine due to this reason. And vitamin D deficiency weakens a person’s bones and immune system. And immune deficiency can be a possible cause of migraines
However, there is no evidence that vitamin D deficiency directly causes migraines.
To beat migraine aura, you have to take care of many things throughout your life.
So for complete details, treatment and lifestyle regarding Migraine Aura, please visit the links below.

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