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Hemiplegic Migraine Without Headache ?
Hemiplegic migraine is a rare type of migraine that causes temporary paralysis of one part of the patient’s body. Usually in hemiplegic migraine the patient experiences a severe headache . But in some cases of hemiplegic migraine, the patient has no headache .
Therefore, such migraines are also called silent hemiplegic migraines. In other words, silent hemiplegic migraine has all the symptoms of migraine but the patient does not show any symptoms of headache. The cause of hemiplegic migraine without headache is unknown .
But experts believe that hormonal changes, genetic factors and some environmental factors can trigger hemiplegic migraine without headache. Remember that hemiplegic migraine without headache can be a serious and dangerous condition . Therefore, if you feel severe weakness and numbness in one side of your body, you should contact the doctor immediately. There is no definitive treatment for hemiplegic migraine without headache, but its severity can be reduced by following the doctor’s instructions.

Early Signs Of Hemiplegic Migraine Without Headache

Before the onset of hemiplegic migraine without headache, the patient may experience few symptoms. So these early symptoms can be as follows.
Vision changes :
Patients often have visual disturbances before the onset of hemiplegic migraine without headache .In Which the patient Experiences blind spots, flashing lights, and zig-zagging lines appear . Apart from this, the patient may suffer from double vision.
Numbness or Tingling :
Some patients also experience numbness and tingling in their face and legs.
weakness :
The most important symptom of a patient with hemiplegic migraine without headache is weakness. Therefore, the patient feels severe weakness and numbness on the right or left side of his body.
Speech problems :
In hemiplegic migraine without headache, before or during an attack, the patient has difficulty speaking and understanding something.
Dizziness :
Before or during a hemiplegic migraine attack without headache, the patient feels vomiting and dizzy. If the described symptoms are present in you, then it is possible that you have suffered from hemiplegic migraine without headache. So, contact the doctor for proper confirmation and treatment.
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