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Chronic intractable migraine without aura?
A headache with attacks occurring up to 15 days in a month. And if the patient does not have visual and sensory disturbance during this pain, it is chronic intractable migraine without aura. In this post, we will share with you the symptoms, causes, diagnosis method, and its correct and ancient treatment of Chronic intractable migraine without aura.

Difrence Between Chronic Intractable Migraine Without Aura And With Aura

The only clear difference between chronic intractable migraine without aura and chronic migraine with aura is the presence or absence of sensory and visual disturbances.
That is, chronic intractable migraine without aura usually does not involve sensory and visual disturbances. Whereas in chronic intractable migraine with aura, the patient has to experience sensory and visual disturbances. So based on this one symptom, we can differentiate chronic intractable migraine without aura and with aura. But for the proper recognition of this migraine, we have to look for more symptoms which are listed below.

Symptoms Of Chronic Intractable Migraine Without Aura

A patient with chronic intractable migraine without aura experiences pain attacks for at least 15 days per month.
In chronic intractable migraine without aura, the patient experiences intermittent attacks of severe pain.
This pain can be on one side or both sides of the head, along with this pain, the patient also feels a throbbing sensation.
During the pain, the patient feels vomiting and dizzy.
This pain can be aggravated by bright lights, loud sounds, and smells.
Movement may increase the intensity of the patient’s pain.

Causes Of Chronic Intractable Migraine Without Aura

The exact cause of chronic intractable migraine without aura is unknown. But according to experts, environmental and genetic factors may be the cause.
Environmental factors
It should be remembered that migraine does not happen to anyone at once, but behind it, there is some action of the person which he must perform regularly.
Therefore, any activity that impairs health should be avoided by the individual for at least one year. So due to this, the person gets some disease and such diseases include migraine.
Therefore, by continuously adopting unhealthy habits, a person can sometimes suffer from Chronic intractable migraine without aura.
Now the question arises as to which habits can be harmful to human health. So there are habits that can damage a person’s health:
Sleep disturbance
Poor diet
The habit of not walking
Constantly staying in an AC room
Less water use
Overuse of drugs
Alcohol consumption
can be included.
But apart from the mentioned triggers, there can be many triggers that can make a person suffer from migraine or any other complex disease.
Genetic Factors
Genetic factors can also be an important cause of intractable migraine. This means that if parents or grandparents have this any disease, it can be passed on to their children.
Hormonal changes
Hormonal fluctuations can cause any type of migraine. Because women experience hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. Because of this, women are more likely to get migraines.


There is no laboratory test to confirm chronic intractable migraine without aura. To confirm this, the doctor observes the patient very closely. The doctor asks many questions to the patient to confirm the disease correctly.
In such questions, the patient is asked about the illness of his parents.
The complete symptoms of the disease are confirmed from every point of view.
So all the details are gathered, and the conclusion is drawn based on which it is confirmed whether the patient has chronic intractable migraine without aura or not.

Cure For Chronic Intractable Migraine Without Aura

There is no definitive treatment for chronic intractable migraine without aura. But to avoid the terrible damage of migraine, it is important to follow the doctor’s medicine and precautions. But if you are still not getting relief from migraine, then you should pay attention to the ancient method of treatment. According to ancient experts, a migraine patient can be cured by a good diet and increased immunity.
In ancient times, since every individual had access to a pure natural environment and good food. Therefore, the experts and the patient did not need much effort to heal from migraine.
Therefore, in ancient times, migraine was treated with a very common fragrance. This fragrance is absorbed only in the leather and is called Mughol. So if a brother or sister is not getting relief from migraines, he or she should wear Maghol around the neck while using the doctor’s medicine. Due to Mughal, you will get the power of immunity, due to which you will be able to beat the migraine. Mogul provides immediate pain relief
And in a few days, you will feel that there is no trace of migraine left in your body. For more details about Mughal, click on the button below or contact our team on WhatsApp.

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