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Migraine With Aura And Numbness ?
Aura is a disturbance of the senses and if there is severe pain on one side of the head after this disturbance, it is a migraine aura. Sensory disturbance refers to the patient’s sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste may be temporarily affected by migraine aura. Our topic is the numbness experienced by the patient during a migraine aura.
So in this post, we will tell you the relationship between numbness and migraine aura and its correct treatment according to the modern research of medical science.
A 2022 study found that people who suffer from migraine aura. They are more likely to develop symptoms of apathy than patients with migraine without aura. Therefore, this numbness is more likely to occur on the left side of the patient’s body. Numbness is a major symptom of migraine aura and this numbness can affect any part of the patient’s body.
But usually, the numbness that appears as a symptom in migraine aura affects the patient’s face, arm, or leg. Apart from this, the patient may feel tingling in his face or arms, severe weakness, or temporary paralysis. The medical reason why patients with migraine aura feel numb is not known. However, according to experts, this may be due to a lack of blood flow in the arteries of the brain. Whatever the symptoms of migraine aura may be, their severity can be reduced, but medical science does not have a complete cure for migraine aura.
But in ancient times, all kinds of migraines were treated with Mughal scent. Because Mughool gives the patient immunity against migraine. Due to this the patient is able to overcome the migraine very soon. To know the full description, treatment, and lifestyle of Migraine Aura visit the links given below.
latest reserch of migraine with aura and numbness

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