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Migraine Relief Without Any Medicine ?
First Of All, Keep In Mind That There Is No Medicine For Migraine And There Is No Definitive Cure For Migraine In Medical Science. The Medicines Your Doctor Gives You For Migraines Are Only Meant To Control The Pain And Symptoms. So That The Patient Is Protected From The Damage Caused By Migraine. There Are Many Patients In The World Who Do Not Use Any Type Of Medicine For Migraine And They Are Also Safe From Migraine Pain.
This Is A Stupid Move But It Is True. The Question Is How A Migraine Patient Can Control The Pain Without Medication. After Doing A Lot Of Research On This Surprising Thing, We Came To This Conclusion That Patients Who Are Able To Control Pain Without Medication Actually Have A Higher Level Of Immunity Than Normal People. So If We Increase The Level Of Immunity In Ourselves, We Can Beat Migraine. We Have No Choice But To Eat Good Food To Boost Our Immunity. We Don’t Even Know What Food Will Give The Patient Immunity Without Increasing The Pain. So We Need Something That Can Increase Our Level Of Immunity In Us Without Medicine And Special Food. For This Purpose, People Have Used The Smell Of Mughal Since Ancient Times. The Very Light Smell Of Mughol Increases The Level Of Immunity In The Patient, Due To Which The Patient Is Able To Overcome The Migraine. Many People Have Been Able To Overcome Migraines Because Of Mughol. Mughol Should Not Be Used In Severe Migraine Conditions Apart From This, During The Use Of Mughol, You Should Take The Doctor’s Medicine, Drink More Water And Walk For 2 Hours.
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