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How Alcohol Triggers Migraines ?
There are many foods that can trigger migraines and one of them is alcohol. Alcohol is believed to be a major trigger for migraines, affecting approximately one-third of migraine sufferers. People in countries where alcohol consumption is high are more likely to suffer from migraines. How alcohol causes migraines has not been confirmed.
But if we examine the harmful effects of alcohol on human health, we come across many reasons that can actually be the cause of migraine.
Therefore, such reasons can be as follows.
Alcohol causes dehydration in the human body and dehydration can predispose a person to migraine aura.
Diuretics :
Alcohol causes the patient to need more urine. This can lead to electrolyte imbalance and trigger migraines.
Congeners :
It is a substance that is produced during the fermentation process of alcohol. It can trigger migraines.
Alcohol produces histamine in human cells. Which is a chemical that can cause inflammation, vomiting and dizziness in the patient And it can also trigger migraines. Apart from this, consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can also trigger a migraine.
Remember that alcohol is not a healthy food but it is a harmful chemical. Alcohol destroys the immune system in the human body. In addition, it has dangerous effects on the kidneys and liver. Therefore, alcohol can be a factor in triggering migraines.
Therefore, use more water instead of alcohol. And if a person is not getting relief from migraine aura, then he should wear a mughool around his neck.
Mughool will give you immunity against migraine due to which you will be able to beat migraine very soon.

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