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Migraines During Pregnancy ?
Migraine is more common in women The reason may be changes in hormones . While women have to face hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. For this reason, women are more likely to have migraines. 15 to 20 percent of pregnant women experience migraines during pregnancy. So women who experience migraines during pregnancy face many challenges during pregnancy. Due to which their daily life is badly affected. Also, some women experience more severe migraines in the early days of pregnancy . And some women have more pain in the last days of pregnancy. Apart from this, there are some women who have to face migraine after childbirth. It should be remembered that due to migraine during pregnancy, the health of both the mother and the child can be adversely affected.

7 Factors That Trigger Migraines During Pregnancy

There are many triggers that can trigger migraines in women during pregnancy Some of such motivations are listed below.
Migraines cause a lot of pain Due to this women are afraid that they might get migraine. Therefore, this fear creates tension in women and tension triggers migraine.
Some women experience strange dreams during pregnancy Due to which women are facing serious problems.
There is a fear in the heart of women that there will be no harm Because of this, women get depressed and depression triggers migraines.
Women’s sleep is disturbed due to the pains caused by pregnancy and frequent visits to the bathroom . Migraines are triggered due to sleep disturbance.
Some women stop eating during pregnancy Due to which women become weak And because of this weakness, migraine can be triggered in pregnant women.
Similarly, some women like to eat tasty food during pregnancy“
So she eats market foods that contain tyramine And tyramine triggers migraines. Therefore, any food that contains caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and chocolate should be avoided.

Overcoming Migraines During Pregnancy

There are many pain relievers available in the market . But these pain relievers can seriously damage the pregnancy of pregnant women . Therefore, doctors carefully prescribe pain medications to pregnant women who suffer from migraines. So, instead of self-medicating, consult a doctor. If a sister is suffering from migraine during pregnancy, she should wear a mogul around her neck to control the pain. He will get relief from migraine due to Mughol .
And she will also be protected from the problems that occur during pregnancy. Click the button below for Mughal details Or contact our team on WhatsApp.

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