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migraine with aura diagnosis ?
Migraine with aura can only be properly diagnosed by a specialist doctor. Migraine is diagnosed based on symptoms alone So for this purpose the doctor may ask you about your complete symptoms, intensity of pain, duration, details of diseases of your parents and many more questions. So, based on the details obtained from you, the doctor can estimate whether you have migraine aura problem or not. For Migraine Aura symptoms please visit the link given below.
Migraine With Aura ?
It is not necessary that the doctor’s assessment regarding your illness is correct. So the doctor gives the final opinion after observing the patient for a few days. There is no specific test to diagnose migraine, but your doctor may recommend laboratory tests to reduce your risk of stroke. Due to the visual disturbances in migraine, the patient’s vision is sometimes temporarily suspended. Therefore, in such a case, an eye examination should be done by contacting an eye doctor. In order to confirm whether the cause of the vision problem is a disturbance or something else. Sometimes, in the case of a brain tumor or a problem in the spinal cord, the patient starts showing symptoms like migraine. Therefore, in such a case, the patient must undergo a CT scan or MRI test to confirm the health of the spinal cord and brain. A popular method for accurate diagnosis of migraine is to keep a diary. So the patient should take note of their migraine symptoms and triggers .And write down everything necessary in this regard in your diary. That is, you should take into account food, sleep, weather, grief and happiness , and consider what triggers your migraines and what doesn’t trigger your migraines? That is, you should write the smallest thing about your migraine in your diary. Migraine sufferers can be forgetful, so whenever you have a symptom, write it down in your diary. After that, you should check this diary with your doctor so that your doctor can understand your disease and treat it. Remember that migraine symptoms can vary from patient to patient . Therefore, due to diary writing, the exact symptoms of the patient are verified and for this reason, the damage caused by migraine can be reduced.

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