Positive and negative energy in the human body ?
A person is deeply affected by his environment, circumstances, and thinking. Human thinking not only affects physical and mental health but also affects other people.
Positive waves emanate from the body of a person with good and positive thinking which affects the surrounding environment, people, and things. Negative thinking, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, malice, and other such thoughts are extremely harmful to human health as well as the environment.
The permanence of a human being depends on his own thoughts, thoughts and actions. If a person changes his way of thinking, his life changes automatically.
If we consider ourselves confident, successful, intelligent and attractive then these qualities will start to be incorporated in our personality.
Research on people with positive thinking has shown that people with positive thinking live longer. They are less likely to be frustrated and face situations with courage.
According to medical experts, these positive or negative rays affect the area around them. Observing human attitudes, however, reveals that people who have positive thoughts and ideas have a very pleasant and enviable personal life. They live better lives, have better health, have more lasting relationships and are quicker to overcome any difficulties.
In the present age man is running towards rapid progress, he has extremely limited time and it is becoming difficult to get true happiness. That is why daily running has made man a mechanical part.
Every human being, caught up in the struggle for livelihood, domestic troubles and other self-made problems, longs for happiness.
It is a natural tendency for ideas to form in the human mind, but it is up to man to put these ideas into practice.
The fact is that positive thinking plays an important role in uplifting and improving one’s personality. Understand that positive thinking is the ladder of success on which a person steps.
Every action of a human being, his movements, and habits are under the influence of thoughts. Different actions are performed by a human being only through negative or positive thoughts. And it is very important to become positive toward all things for getting positivity. So you have to need to consult with a spiritual healer to save yourself from negativity.

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