Negative energy around you ?
Thoughts shape attitudes and attitudes shape society. You can find negative energy around you in the whole society. If the thinking is negative then negative attitudes will create a negative society. There is an atmosphere of mistrust in our society in general. We usually look at people and their intentions with suspicion and prejudice. That is why our society lacks religious and social harmony. We scrutinize the character of others very carefully and even the smallest weakness does not disappear from our sight.
If individual thinking becomes positive then society will also become positive. Negative thinking is a habit and can be broken. If negative thoughts can control our nerves then positive thoughts can do the same and positive thinking can become a habit. According to research, being happy and thinking positively is not a matter of circumstances but of our choice .
At home, in the office, on the road, and at friends’ gatherings, we often hear negative and depressing phrases. We can find negative energy around us. We live in a society where negative thinking reigns. No positive thing gets our attention as much as we pay attention to negative things or news. That is why do newspapers and news channels spice up negative news to get our maximum attention.
In almost every section of our society, talking positively about each other is considered a defeat. Positive and hopeful things start to bore us soon. But the dangerous thing is that we don’t even realize it and these negative thoughts, words, and attitudes turn into prejudice, jealousy, and hatred. Behaviors based on prejudice, jealousy, and hatred lead to the deterioration of society.
We have become so negative that we find negative aspects in the biggest and smallest matters of life. Whether it’s day-to-day dealings, relationship issues, office matters, or the affairs of close friends, our decisions are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and attitudes.
In this era, it’s important to protect yourself from negative energy. Because it can destroy your life.

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